Recycling of wast oil is for LDO/FO Sludge, Furnace oil,Tank bottom sludge, ETP sludge, Slop oil and all types of waste oil.

Recycling of wast oil is done by following unit process

  • Filtering
  • Gravity Filtering
  • Centrifuging
  • Heating & De-hydration


We collect the raw materials from various industries units and vehicles which are registered under the “Board of Hazardous” waste materials.


We have pre-requisite shed where we have all the raw hazardous materials are stored, the storage is done in storage tanks.


The Refinning, Recycling and Decontamination is done under the guidelines of “SPCB/GPCB” and “CPCB”.


The hazardous waste material generated from the refinning, recycling and de-contamination is treated and incinated as per “GPCB” and “CPCB” guidelines. The ASH generated is disposed of to “TSDF” side of “Naroda Enviro Project Limited”.