Welcome to Reliance Barrel Supply Company. Established in 1995, by Mr. Asif I. Jawarawala. We are one of the most recognized and leading Re-refiners / Recyclers of used oils(waste oil and decontamination of barrels and other packing materials) We are technically advanced and well equipped with waste oil processing facilities, we are competent of recycling, processing of waste oil, Decontamination of Barrels, Decontamination of Packaged material and industrial fuels. Our products are known for their efficiency and precision.

Our business is spread all across the India and we supply used oil for various industrys applications. Our sourcing potential enables us to put forward products as required by clients.

Our Management

We have a team of experienced technicians and engineers whose requisite experience, expertise and hard work helps in manufacturing the products effectively and efficiently. Our technicians have in-depth product knowledge and the ability to develop product. They ensure to hold effective communication with the clients in order to understand their concern and come up with effective solutions.

Our professionals are well aware of their responsibilities and execute their tasks with utmost perfection and devotion. Further, there are regular training and motivational sessions that are organized by us to help them grasp better techniques.


We are registered with “TSDF” side of “Naroda Enviouro Project Limited” and “NECL” side of Vadodara.

Gujarat Pollution Control Board ( GPCB ) Pass Book for Used Oil/ Waste oil
  • Registration No. – AWH-90571
  • Valid Up to – 12/02/2024
Gujarat Pollution Control Board ( GPCB ) Pass Book for Contaminated Barrels/Drums/Containers (As Per the Rule 9 of Hazardous and other Wastes (M & TM) GPCB Rules 2016.)
  • Registration No. – AWH-90571
  • Valid Up to – 12/02/2024
Gujarat Pollution Control Board ( GPCB ) for Used Oil, Waste Oil, Decontamination,Detoxic,Recycling & Reconditioning of all Type Of MS Barrels, HDPE drums, HDPE carboys and Containers/Liners Etc.
  • C.C.A. No. – AWH-90571
  • Valid Up to – 12/02/2024.